Watermelon Festival 2011

August 13, 2011

Waiting for the Festival

Queen Night
Watermelon Festival Queen will be selected:
Friday, June 24 at 7:00 in the High School Auditorium.
Tickets will cost $5 and every person that holds a ticket that is exchanged at the
door for a voting ticket will help elect the Queen.  Ticket sales, popular vote, and
judges will determine the Queen.

Contestants:  Erika Foster, Amanda Bewley
Photo courtesy of Rush Springs Gazette

Erika Foster, Queen Candidate  Amanda Beweley, Queen
Zachery Long and Chloe Castle

Little Mr. Rush Springs, Zachery Long -- Amanda Bewley 2011 Queen -- Little Miss Rush Springs, Chloe Castle
5-K Run -- Register at:
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Festival Chairmen: Rep. Joe Dorman - Phone 580-476-3745 - Email - joe@joedorman.com 
Robert Newman - Phone 580-641-2457   Email - rusvdim@hotmail.com

Anyone interested in becoming a vendor of Arts and Crafts
Email - rkpathway@gmail.com
Call 580-476-3636 and ask for Rhonda

About the Festival

The Rush Springs Watermelon Festival has been held continuously since 1948.
It had its beginning in 1940 and has become one of the most popular festivals in the state.

The festival has proven popular, since its beginning and the crowds have increased in number to around 20,000 to 30,000 visitors each year. Over 50,000 pounds of watermelons are purchased from area melon growers and served to festival visitors during the day.

The activities during the day include watermelon exhibits, stage shows, tiny tots contest, free watermelon feed, carnival, and arts and crafts fair.

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