Old Rick House
Built of sticks of wood cemented together

My mother's uncle, Jim Randolph, built that house for his wife, the former Dolly Alma (Dutch) Simons.  Jim had lost one of his legs below the knee and had a wooden prosthesis.  Her parents, Pugh D. Simons and Louisa Jane Ely, moved to Rush Springs from TX about 1905.  He died in 1925, and she died in 1938.  They are buried with a marker made of steel rebar that simply says "Simons"that used to be painted white.  They had a very large family, but the last that lived in Rush Springs were Pugh Simons and his mother Willie, who are both deceased.  The family belonged to the Baptist Church and Pugh D., Sr, was a deacon.  Both the Simons and Randolph families were very active and well known in Rush Springs in the early days.  Dolly and Jim Randolph, like many others, pulled up stakes and headed for California in the dust bowl days.
BTW  My grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Simons, was an early school teacher in Rush Springs.  One of her almost grown pupils was Wiley Post.  She also taught at Cross and a couple of other locations. --- Email from Mary K Sharpe