Warren Hardware

This picture was given to me by George Warren.  His grandfather was Albert Snyder Warren who you see in the picture on the left downstairs. His brother Rockwall Gaskill Warren in on the right.  Rockwall's wife, Emily is holding her son.  Her other two children are to her left, and her mother, Georgianna is on the right.  Do you have any information about this store?  I think it must have been 1893?  
Lynda Begnaud
Great granddaughter of Rockwall Warren
From Hisory of Rush Springs by Hobert Ragland
"By July 1, 1893 a board of trade had been organized for the purpose of promoting the business enterprise and growth of the town.  The membership was made up of the following: President, F. C. Blakely; vice president, George M. Kerr; secretary, George Dunnett; directors, J. A. Lee, F. K. Low, F. C. Blakely, A. J. Welch, R. T. Warner, H. M. Howard, A. S. Warren, Geo Dunnett, and Geo. M. Kerr."

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